About us National Association of Cultural Centres Hungary (KKOSZ) was founded in 1997 and its aim is to coordinate and help the work of the most significant community centres in Hungary so-called „Big Cultural Centres”, especially community centres of cities.

The Association has 72 member institutions at the moment, that represent the whole territory of the country.

The constitution of KKOSZ contains the exact aims and defines the tasks of its members.

The KKOSZ uses the possibilities that derives from the multifunctional activity of the members and helps to solve the problems of the whole cultural territory, community cenres of small settlements and the people who have cultural activity. Our organizations and conferences are open not just to our members from the territory of culture but to other specialists. The Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee both elected by the General Assembly manage and help the everyday work of KKOSZ.

The members of the Board of Directors:

• Mrs. Andrea Lakner Brückler chairwoman (Pécs)
• Béla Szente vice-chairman (Békéscsaba)
• András Várhalmi vice-chairman (Budapest)
• Mrs. Katalin Csatlós Komáromi (Sárospatak)
• Mrs Valéria Veszpremi Turtsányi (Pápa)

Contacts of these persons is available in Details of our members menu item.

The mebers of the Supervisory Committee:
• Mrs. Edit Daróczi Szalai (Paks)
• János Farkas (Dombóvár)
• Csaba Tóth (Budapest)

The managing director of the Association:
• Ferenc Bárdos

For further information or any questions do not hesitate to contact the managing director and the coordinator.
• Mrs. Andrea Lakner Brückler chairwoman
• e-mail: laknerne@pecsiukult.hu

• Ferenc Bárdos, managing director
• e-mail: info@kkosz.hu

• Rita Schreck, coordinator of Pécs2010 ECoC Information Points
• Tel.: +36-30857 61 66, +36-72/336-622

(Moreover) the Presidency appointed its members as representatives of the areas of Hungary.

The representative of
• Western and Southern Transdanubia: Mrs. Andrea Lakner Brückler
• Northern and Central Transdanubia: Mrs.Valéria Veszpremi Turtsányi
• Budapest: András Várhalmi • Central Hungary:Mrs. Katalin Csatlós Komáromi
• Transtisza (Tiszantúl region): Béla Szente

In order to help the everyday cooperation of our members and for better function and further technical development the Associatoion differs specialities. To achieve the coordination and assignment of these special duties the KKOSZ functions the following groups of workers:

• Festival Team: organizes festivals, international, national, regional and urban feasts, events related to cultural tourism, exhibitions, fairs

• Team of Programme Organizers/Cultural Operators: organizes theatrical performances, theatre programmes for children, concerts, programme services

• Team of Communities: keeping contact with clubs, groups, small communities and civil organizations

• Team of Training Coordination: courses, adult education, special training for experts, education

• Information Team: PR, marketing, media and public relations, information management

• Economic Team: economic and financial management

• Technical Team: technical services, technical control, management of theater equipment, work in other technical areas

• Directorial Workshop: coordination of professional tasks of the institutions working in the cultural sector, managerial tasks, promotion of effectiveness, coordinatation of methodological solutions.

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